Welcome to Relais Solar – The Best of Santa Teresa


Planning a trip to Rio Brazil for a romantic getaway or just go far beyond the tourist experience and immerse yourself in the culture of one of Rio’s most vibrant towns,  Relais Solar is certainly the place to go! Perfect for those who wish to experience Santa Teresa with it’s relax and calm environment and matched with perfect walks on the nearby beach. The top of our elegant hotel features one spectacular view of the city!





A villa located in middle of a tropical garden, Relais Solar is the place to be if you wish to enjoy the comfort and elegance of Santa Teresa while hearing the sound of birds nearby along with stunning views of country all around! Bedroom accommodations are all clean, spacious and elegant backed by our warm and friendly staff that welcome and attend to your every need.





Boutique art, a spectacular pool, a calm and relaxing experience that will soothe any weary traveler and a taste of the true Brazilian spirit – what more could you possibly ask for? Get in touch with Relais Solar today – we would be more than happy to assist you with every step for arranging a pleasant and surely memorable stay with us!